The 7 ways kombucha can help you lose weight

Las 7 formas como la kombucha te puede ayudar a adelgazar

Drinking kombucha daily can be an ally for losing weight. You just have to follow one simple rule: take it when you feel like it. Improves your intestinal flora and facilitates weight loss by keeping your digestive system in shape, improving digestion and regulating trips to the bathroom. Kombucha, rich in natural probiotics, balances the bacteria in your intestines, better processing nutrients and filtering waste efficiently. It also helps in digestion, reducing bloating and acidity thanks to its enzymes and organic acids. In addition, its unique flavor satisfies sweet cravings with a low sugar content, being a healthy alternative to conventional soft drinks. With its natural bubbles and nutritional content, kombucha not only cuts calories, but also improves your general well-being.

One of the questions we have answered the most since we started making and marketing kombucha in 2015 is whether this fermented tea can help when it comes to losing weight . Regular consumption of this fermented tea can be an ally for losing weight. As described in the study published in 2000 by the researchers Dufresne & Farnworth , this ancient drink reduces obesity and regulates hunger .

Incorporating kombucha into your daily life is a very easy task because you only have to follow one rule: serve it when you feel like it the most.

On an empty stomach, you will enhance its probiotic effects. With meals, its ability to help you digest. If you want to know how and when it is best to drink kombucha, we will tell you in this article.

kombucha benefits for weight loss

Benefits of drinking kombucha to lose weight

Within the benefits of drinking kombucha, these are the 7 points why kombucha can be an ideal companion in the weight loss process.

  1. Let's start with clear evidence. If your microbiota improves, it will cost you less work to lose weight . Improving your intestinal flora has to be your goal if you want to reduce those kilos and centimeters that you want to lose sight of. It is very important to have the second brain, that is, the intestinal system, in shape to reach the goal. Digest well, be more regular when going to the bathroom. If the bacteria that inhabit your intestines are healthy, you will process nutrients better and filter waste more efficiently. Kombucha has natural probiotics and this contribution will, if you drink it throughout the day constantly, rebalance the bacteria that live in your digestive system.
  2. Improve your digestion . Drink kombucha before a meal and you will feel less bloated and you will experience less heartburn . Wow, and this makes it a drink? Well yes. Kombucha is full of enzymes that are helpful in breaking down food in the digestive tract, making it easier to absorb. On the other hand, the naturally present organic acids protect against intruders such as parasites, among others. Kombucha will also help improve the PH of our digestive system. If your digestion does not improve by drinking kombucha, check the contraindications in case this is your case.
  1. Kombucha will be at your side when you have a sugar craving . Its flavor, eminently sweet, but also vinegary and acidic , it will leave you satisfied when the desire to have something sweet appears in your head. The good news is that Mun Kombucha, our brand, contains almost no sugar. The lowest amount of kombucha made using the traditional and unpasteurized method that you can find on the market! All our varieties contain less than 1.8 grams of sugar per 100 milliliters . Only the Natural flavor contains 1.8 grams. So, when you drink a sip of Mun Kombucha, you will hardly be ingesting any sugars. The acids Organic and the tannins that kombucha naturally contains will also help you. You will want the rush that that little glass of kombucha gives you more than the one that a soda can offer you, we assure you .
  2. A coffee? A beer? A glass of wine? No, a kombucha please! You now have a different option to start the day, to accompany your aperitif, to accompany your lunch or dinner, to drink mid-afternoon, before or after exercising, to share with friends... As we have already said, It also contains tannins and a little caffeine. It tastes different from anything you've tried before, but we assure you it's tremendously addictive. When you try its bubbles and how good it feels, there will be no turning back.
  3. Stay with this figure: 8 times less sugar than a conventional soft drink and infinitely healthier than a soft drink with artificial sweeteners . Don't you think this is great information? Make the replacement and introduce some kombucha into your daily routine. You will continue to serve yourself bubbles (they are produced spontaneously during fermentation) and you will fill yourself with healthy nutrients instead of empty calories . You will cut calories, yes, but above all you will gain health, we assure you.
  4. That flash of energy you need comes with kombucha . No, it hardly has sugar. No, it hardly has caffeine. But every glass you drink gives you a spark . A spark that, at the same time, reduces your stress and nervous disorders and insomnia , will make you face your daily life with a very good mood . Improves your metabolism , responsible for keeping hormones ready that, among others, control blood sugar or the feeling of being full; It has body fat under control or the detoxification of the body and the balance of the thyroid , stimulates the glandular systems , reduces blood pressure , improves the immune system , detoxifies the blood, helps in liver detoxification, increases the absorption of iron. How can you not be an improved you?
  5. Okay, tea hardly contains any fiber . But you can improve your intake if this tea is fermented, that is, if it has been converted into kombucha. And, as you have probably observed if you have ever drunk our kombucha At some point, there is usually a substance floating in the bottle . This substance is the famous SCOBY. (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast) or mother of kombucha. It is made up of layers and more layers of cellulose and, without realizing it, you consume it with each sip. It is an insoluble fiber that, within your digestive system, will eliminate undigested waste and other harmful chemicals. This fiber will also help you control blood sugar levels.

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Nutritional values ​​of kombucha

The nutritional values ​​of kombucha can vary greatly from one brand of kombucha to another. The calories present in kombucha come from sugar that has remained unfermented, or that some manufacturers have added to make it have a sweeter flavor. Controlling the nutritional values ​​of what you eat will help you lose weight.

Our recommendation is that you always look at the labels, and above all, read the carbohydrates and sugar that kombucha contains. You should consume kombucha that is below 2 grams of carbohydrates per 100 ml. On the market you will find some kombuchas with up to 6 or 7 grams of carbohydrates per 100 ml, this is practically a traditional soft drink!

What are the best kombuchas with less sugar to help you lose weight?

If you want to make the most of the benefits of drinking kombucha to lose weight, take into account the sugar level of the kombucha you are going to drink. Mun Kombucha has the lowest sugar levels of any unpasteurized kombucha brewed in Europe.

This is our ranking of the kombuchas with the least carbohydrates, ideal for keeping you in shape and helping you lose weight:

hibiscus low sugar kombucha


Carbohydrates: 0.21 g/100 ml

Sugar: 0.09g/100ml

Total carbohydrates per bottle: 0.52g

not-beer lemon


Carbohydrates: 0.19 g/100 ml

Sugar: 0.16g/100ml

Total carbohydrates per bottle: 0.48g

mun kombucha premium verbena

MUN KOMBUCHA Premium Verbena

Carbohydrates: 0.50 g/100 ml

Sugar: 0.50 g/100 ml

Total carbohydrates per bottle: 1.25g

mun kombucha premium flowers

MUN KOMBUCHA Premium Flowers

Carbohydrates: 0.50 g/100 ml

Sugar: 0.50 g/100 ml

Total carbohydrates per bottle: 1.25g

mun kombucha premium green

MUN KOMBUCHA Premium Green

Carbohydrates: 0.50 g/100 ml

Sugar: 0.50 g/100 ml

Total carbohydrates per bottle: 1.25g

mun kombucha isotonic


Carbohydrates: 0.90 g/100 ml

Sugar: 0.61g/100ml

Total carbohydrates per bottle: 2.25g

mun kombucha nojito


Carbohydrates: 1.40 g/100 ml

Sugar: 1.20 g/100 ml

Total carbohydrates per bottle: 3.5g

mun kombucha premium ginger

MUN KOMBUCHA Premium Ginger

Carbohydrates: 1.60 g/100 ml

Sugar: 1.60 g/100 ml

Total carbohydrates per bottle: 4.00g

mun premium natural kombucha

MUN KOMBUCHA Premium Natural

Carbohydrates: 1.82 g/100 ml

Sugar: 1.80 g/100 ml

Total carbohydrates per bottle: 4.55g

Mūn, the kombucha ally of intermittent fasting

There are many diets that people undertake to lose weight. Low-calorie diets , where there is a food restriction to consume fewer calories, can be effective in the short term to lose weight, but they can also lead the body to think that this is the state with which it will have to live and, faced with this, is in a state of constant saving.

The proposal that more and more specialists recommend is intermittent fasting, where you stop eating food outside of a specific time window. There are different types of intermittent fasting: 12 hours, 18 hours, alternate days... The problem comes in what can or cannot be consumed outside of this period in which the individual eats. Mūn Kombucha is an ideal option for this period between eating windows .

Mun Kombucha does not break intermittent fasting

Our varieties barely contain residual sugar thanks to our production system, based on the ancient recipe. With this minimal residual sugar, our kombuchas have almost no calories, so they would be an ideal option for those who are committed to incorporating fasting into their daily lives. You can read more information about intermittent fasting at this post from our blog.

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Glucose-Reducing Benefits of Kombucha: University of Sydney Study

At Mun Ferments, we know that kombucha consumption is more than a passing trend. This ancient drink, which has lasted for more than 2,000 years, offers direct benefits to its consumers. We started making it for health reasons and we are convinced of its contribution to daily well-being.

Several studies have shown that kombucha is beneficial for health, improving blood glucose, cholesterol and blood pressure readings. Recently, it published the first report on a controlled trial evaluating the effects of kombucha in humans .

The study, carried out by the Glycemic Index Research Service at the University of Sydney, involved 11 healthy adults in a randomized, placebo-controlled, crossover study. Glycemic index and insulin index responses were examined after a high-carbohydrate meal accompanied by different beverages, including kombucha.

The results showed that, while the consumption of soda water or unsweetened soft drink did not significantly affect blood glucose and insulin, kombucha considerably reduced these responses. Researchers suggest that polyphenols, organic acids and live microorganisms in kombucha, could be responsible for attenuating the glycemic response.

Diversity in Kombuchas: Not All Are Equal

We agree with the study's conclusion that the results cannot be applied to all kombuchas, as they vary depending on the tea used, the species of bacteria and yeast in the starter culture, and the specific fermentation conditions. At Mun Kombucha, we stand out for making our drink following the traditional method with real and organic ingredients, and with minimal residual sugar.

Are you up for the 24-day Mun Kombucha challenge?

How would you like to make Mun Kombucha your ally for 24 days to lose weight? Well, don't think twice and act. Order a Mix Pack of 24 250 ml bottles in our store and incorporate it into your daily life. With one a day, you will have enough to see first-hand the well-being it provides.

Take it when you feel like it most , but, above all, when you would drink a soft drink loaded with sugar or artificial sweeteners or when your body asks for a drink for an aperitif, such as a vermouth or a beer, or a glass of wine for that meal in company. Its soft bubbles and super authentic flavor will help you forget your old habits and incorporate new ones.

Mun Kombucha hardly contains any residual sugar , so its caloric intake is absolutely ridiculous. Following a healthy eating plan appropriate to your needs will help you in the process of losing weight and you couldn't be happier. The Natural probiotics and enzymes contained in this fermented tea will especially help your digestive system. Your intestines will be incredibly happy and this will also have an impact on your mood due to the tremendous connection that exists between the two. Likewise, you will check the effects of the organic acids present that enhance the detoxification of your body.

Share your adventures with the hashtag #perderpesoconmunkombucha . We will be happy to follow your evolution and the goals achieved.

And if challenges are your thing, maybe it might be a good idea for you to try DRY JANUARY . And even though it's not January, it will also be a good month to start!

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