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Todo sobre las bebidas fermentadas

All about fermented drinks

Fermented beverages, such as wine, beer, kombucha and kefir, have been essential in various cultures for centuries, providing flavor and health benefits. Fermentation is a process where microorg...

Noticias10 trucos para cuidar tu microbiota intestinal

10 tricks to take care of your intestinal microbiota

The microbiota, also known as intestinal flora, is essential for our overall health, influencing everything from digestion to the immune system and mood. This article offers a guide to care for an...

NoticiasLos 18 alimentos probióticos que tienes que consumir

The 18 probiotic foods that you have to consume

Probiotics are live microorganisms that, administered in the appropriate amount, have numerous health benefits, according to the WHO. Nutrition professor Allan Walker says many people could improve...

Noticias5 alimentos probióticos naturales que puedes hacer en casa desde cero

5 natural probiotic foods you can make at home from scratch

Would you like to eat more natural probiotics? Now you have no excuse! We show you how to make 5 probiotic foods at home super easily: sauerkraut, kimchi, pickles, fermented ketchup, and sourdough ...

NoticiasLas 7 formas como la kombucha te puede ayudar a adelgazar

The 7 ways kombucha can help you lose weight

Drinking kombucha daily can be a great ally for losing weight. Rich in natural probiotics, this drink improves intestinal flora, facilitating digestion and regulating intestinal transit.Plus, its l...

NoticiasHibiscus, la flor de Jamaica

Hibiscus, the flower of Jamaica

El hibisco es una planta apreciada tanto por su belleza como por sus beneficios para la salud. Conocida por sus flores grandes y vistosas, el hibisco se utiliza en la preparación de kombucha debid...

NoticiasHappy World Kombucha Day, MunLovers!

Happy World Kombucha Day, MunLovers!

Kombucha fans already have a day on the calendar dedicated to our fermented drink preferred. And we couldn't be happier! The Asociation Kombucha Brewers International , to which we have belonged si...