Red Berries Kombucha

Can a drink be juicy? Absolutely yes. Our hibiscus-infused berry kombucha is ideal for those looking for a sweet tooth with every sip.

Antioxidant and loaded with vitamins C and polyphenols, kombucha with red fruits also has antiaging properties.

Delicious and full of health. What more can you ask?


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330ml Mūn Kombucha Frutos Rojos 12 latas - MUN KOMBUCHA330ml Mūn Kombucha Frutos Rojos 12 latas - MUN KOMBUCHA
750 ml Mūn Kombucha Premium HIBISCUS (Hibiscus-Granada) - MUN KOMBUCHA750 ml Mūn Kombucha Premium HIBISCUS (Hibiscus-Granada) - MUN KOMBUCHA
250 ml Mūn Kombucha Premium HIBISCUS (Hibiscus-Granada) - MUN KOMBUCHA250 ml Mūn Kombucha Premium HIBISCUS (Hibiscus-Granada) - MUN KOMBUCHA




Kombucha with hibiscus and pomegranate, the most Premium version

Kombucha is known as the elixir of eternal youth and red fruit kombucha lives up to this name. According to scientific studies, they are loaded with antioxidants and are antiaging.

The Premium Hibiscus version, with infusion of hibiscus flower and pomegranate juice, is health from the first sip. With the record for the least residual sugar on the market. Only 0.1 grams per 100 milliliters. Unmatched.

With anthocyanins, polyphenols, tannins, vitamins, minerals, citric and ascorbic acid.

Kombucha Red fruits in a can and take it to the end of the world

Nothing and no one is going to stop you from drinking your red fruit kombucha wherever you want. The BPA-free can format allows you to enjoy your favorite kombucha almost at the end of the world.

Take it fresh and enjoy its rounded flavor: sweet, fruity, gourmand. It's perfect. And that is why it is the favorite of many.

Light and environmentally friendly. The can is 100% recyclable.

Much more than a fun kombucha with healthy fruits

Discover the incredible benefits of kombucha with red fruits

Red berries, also known as berries, are authentic natural treats, tasty and with many healthy benefits. Likewise, they have infinite applications in the world of gastronomy. From juices and jams, to the bases of the most delicious sauces.

One of the applications of red fruits is the flavoring of drinks. In the case of red fruit kombucha, this fermented drink acquires a peculiar, very characteristic reddish color and a round, very pleasant flavor.

Where are red fruits grown?
These delicacies in the form of small fruits are grown in many countries around the world. Some, such as strawberries and raspberries, are very present in European fields. Blueberries and currants are originally from America, but their cultivation has also become extensive in our latitudes.

Despite their different origins, they all share nutritional characteristics that make them superfoods.

Healthy benefits of red fruits

The main characteristic of red fruits is their low sugar content. In addition, they are a source of antioxidants and vitamins and minerals.

  • Rich in antioxidants:They fight free radicals, preventing premature aging and chronic diseases.
  • Source of vitamin C:They strengthen the immune system, help the absorption of iron and maintain the health of the skin, bones and gums.
  • Fiber:They promote digestion, regulate cholesterol and provide satiety.
  • Minerals:Red fruits contain potassium, magnesium, calcium and phosphorus. These minerals are essential for the proper functioning of the body.
  • Anti-inflammatories:They help prevent diseases such as arthritis and reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases.
  • Improved brain health:They improve memory, concentration and mood.
  • They take care of their sight:They protect eye health and prevent diseases such as macular degeneration.

Recipes with red fruits

There are so many possible combinations with red fruit kombucha, that you will have proposals for almost every day of the year.

Arered truffleswith Mūn Kombucha Hibiscus are the most amazing dessert you will ever taste. Cocoa, coconut, dried blueberries. What could go wrong? Not excessively sweet and loaded with health.

Do you fancy a cocktail that goes beyond all conventions? Thisspiced cocktail, with Hibiscus Mūn Kombucha, which you can also prepare with our Casual version, has cardamom, anise, spicy cloves and orange peel. Your Christmas holidays will never be the same again. Oh, and no alcohol!

Another combination suitable for everyone is this one with our Premium Hibiscus version. In this case, withvanilla, licorice and strawberries. Refreshing to the max. Imagine it in your favorite glass and with lots of ice.