Since 2015 we have been producing


with minimal sugar

We could tell you that our kombucha is 100% natural, organic, unpasteurized, long fermentation. And it's true, but other brands already say this.


It is the kombucha of the experts. Those who inform themselves before buying. Of those who compare. Those who take care of themselves. One of those who drink their coffee without sugar.

Mūn Kombucha is different:

  • for our history: we started for a health reason
  • because we respect traditional production with more than 2,000 years of history. Wow, if a samurai tried it, he would be delighted with our recipe
  • because we are not in a hurry, so all the sugar necessary for fermentation is transformed into delicious organic acids
  • because we were pioneers and we are always one -or two- steps ahead

because we make the kombucha that we would have liked to find when we started consuming it: healthy and delicious

We are different, for good and bad


We are not like everyone. We didn't discover kombucha traveling the world.

Kombucha found us. Literally. And it was the solution to a health problem.

In 2013, we searched for it in stores without success. So we started making it at home. And it suited us so well, that we wanted to share it with all our friends.

But one day we ran out of friends to share with. And we thought that everyone had to experience the benefits of this drink.

We make traditional kombucha with the least sugar on the market. Thanks to it, our well-being has radically improved. And also that of our clients.

This is why our kombucha is different. It's not like any other. You haven't tried another one like it. Maybe you are a black sheep too. So what?

All our history

A lot of hee hee, ha ha

We like to sleep peacefully

We really like to joke around, but when we have to be serious, we are the first.

Our grandmothers tell us that we are the best. But it's not enough.

The first thing is that external organizations certify that what we do, we do well.

100% organic certificates

We breathe a lot of crap. In our kombucha you will not find pesticides, toxins, or anything that we would not take. That's why we are ecological.

Food safety matters to us

We don't want anyone asking us if it's safe to drink kombucha. That's why we are certified with the strictest food safety standard: IFS Food .

Kombucha Brewers International

Well yes, there is an international association of kombuchers! And we have been part of it since 2017, before going to our first convention in Los Angeles. We were amazed to see so many kombuchers who are great.

2 medals at the World Kombucha Awards 2023

We don't say it, ours is good stuff. Gold and silver. And more than 120 kombuchas from all over the world participated.


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We have been searching. And not. We have not found any evidence of the aristocracy drinking our kombucha. Maybe they only take the one that is so sugary. We do our thing. We are interested in what normal people think. The one who sometimes has a messy kitchen. The one who prefers taking a walk to ironing clothes. Or the one who, sometimes, arrives late to pick up the children from school.

Our clients say

When you view a website, it is normal to think that the opinions are invented. You might think the same about us.

So you can see we haven't taken them out of our sleeve, we have put the most random ones. The ones that no one would falsify and put on their website. The ones that have left us with our mouths open. The ones that no matter how much good kombucha we drink, we would be unable to come up with.

Vanessa – A Coruña

I loved this kombucha!! Until now I took the one that has to be refrigerated, but it was a pain to store. With this one, great.


I'm starting to get to know the combucha. Does it have to be refrigerated at all times? I say this to place an order in such a way that it fits in the refrigerator... Thank you!!

Ruben - Ciudad Real

I am very happy with Mūn Kombucha. The truth is that it has helped me with the detox process of my liver. I discovered your brand thanks to the Soycomocomo podcast looking for information for my Gilbert syndrome and I have to say that I feel much better. Plus, I'm trying all the flavors and they are all delicious.
I love the pack that allows you to choose the varieties you like the most.

Agurtzane - Irun

My digestion is excellent since I consume Ginger Kombucha. It is the best kombucha I have ever tried. The one that tastes most natural and authentic. It arrived perfectly and in an incredible time frame.

Mari - Barcelona

I have the subscription scheduled for 4/4 but I need it to ship before this date because I'm short and will run out of kombucha early. I need the order to go out as soon as possible (I only have 5 days left) and my mother cannot run out, since she has noticed that since she drinks this kombucha her digestion is better and she has no reflux.
I take this opportunity to thank you for the good you do since you improve the lives of the people who take it.


Thank you, thank you, thank you for your job well done, for all your information, attention and training that you offer us, in addition to excellent quality kombucha. We met you thanks to a Soy Como Como podcast. We consumed Kombucha occasionally, but we consume yours daily. There is a lot of difference and we recommend it to everyone around us. It is much more natural and all your work and effort to make a quality and natural product is evident. We encourage everyone to try it. When you try it, it hooks you, it feels very good. Again THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU


These are the most common questions that kombucha drinkers ask when they are not yet one.

If you need to answer more questions about kombucha in general, about Mūn or about shipping, visit the extended version of frequently asked questions.We will be happy to assist you from Monday to Friday, from 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. He insists because sometimes we are between pots.