Ginger Kombucha

50% of the kombucha consumed in the world contains ginger. How have you been? For us, it doesn't surprise us one bit. The combination is 10.

At Mūn, we select the best ginger and cold extract its juice to obtain the optimal result.

In addition to being delicious, kombucha with ginger will be your great ally when it comes to improving digestion and strengthening your immune system.


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330ml Mūn Kombucha Jengibre Limón 12 latas - MUN KOMBUCHA330ml Mūn Kombucha Jengibre Limón 12 latas - MUN KOMBUCHA
750 ml Mūn Kombucha Premium GINGER (Manzana-Jengibre) - MUN KOMBUCHA750 ml Mūn Kombucha Premium GINGER (Manzana-Jengibre) - MUN KOMBUCHA
250 ml PACK AYUNO (12 Iso + 12 Gin) - MUN KOMBUCHA250 ml PACK AYUNO (12 Iso + 12 Gin) - MUN KOMBUCHA
250 ml Mūn Kombucha Premium GINGER - MUN KOMBUCHA250 ml Mūn Kombucha Premium GINGER - MUN KOMBUCHA




Ginger: ginger and apple kombucha, our Premium version

If you like strong emotions, you have to try our Premium version. It was our first variety and has an almost infinite legion of fans that never stops growing. No wonder it's oursbest-seller.

With cold-pressed ginger and very fresh apple juice. An authentic torrent of freshness, which will not leave you indifferent.

Acid and slightly bubbly. Hardly any sugar, but with an incredible flavor.

You can drink it alone or in the form of a mocktail. Add crushed ice, a lemon wedge and some fresh mint leaves.Vasafliplar.

Ginger and lemon kombucha, to take with you wherever you go

You will love to meet her. With cold press ginger and lemon juice, our Casual collection in a BPA-free 330 ml can is designed to take you to the end of the world or beyond.

In the lightest and super resistant packaging. 100% recyclable.

Now you can enjoy your favorite kombucha with ginger away from home without worrying about anything. On the beach, in the mountains, at the amusement park, at your meals at the office... The possibilities are practically endless.

Discover the incredible benefits of ginger in kombucha

Ginger properties and health benefits

Ginger is an incredibly versatile root and also has a ton of health benefits. Gingerol, a bioactive compound naturally present in this root, has powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects. In fact, it is responsible for many of the benefits of ginger.

Benefits of ginger

  1. Improved digestion: If you need a boost in your digestion, or notice bloating and gas, or suffer from constipation, ginger can help. This spicy root stimulates the production of digestive enzymes, which facilitates the absorption of nutrients and improves digestive well-being.
  2. Anti-nausea properties: Ginger is very effective in combating nausea, whether due to dizziness, pregnancy or even after chemotherapy treatments.
  3. Reduction of inflammation: Thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, ginger can help reduce pain and swelling associated with conditions such as arthritis.
  4. Strengthening the immune system: Rich in vitamin C and other antioxidants, ginger strengthens the immune system, helping to prevent colds and other common infections.

Ginger cultivation

Ginger is mainly grown in tropical and subtropical regions. Major producing countries include India, China, Nepal, Nigeria and Thailand. These warm and humid climates are ideal for the growth of this curious root.

Ginger juice extraction

To take full advantage of the properties of ginger, the best way to extract its juice is by the methodcold-press. This process involves pressing the ginger root at a low temperature, which helps preserve its nutrients and bioactive compounds. Unlike other methods that generate heat and can degrade the properties of ginger, cold-press ensures that they remain intact.

The freshly extracted juice can be used in a variety of preparations, from beverages to culinary dishes, thus ensuring maximum health benefits.

The best recipes with ginger kombucha

Detox smoothie with ginger and apple kombucha

Use Premium Ginger kombucha, with apple and ginger, to prepare a detox smoothie in less than 5 minutes. You will only need artichoke, cucumber, apple, banana, ginger and lemon. We give you all the details of the ultra-mega-easy preparation of thisMa Petite Bouchée recipe on our blog.

Ginger Kombucha Lemonade

If you want to turn thelemonade and turn it into a probiotic drink, follow this recipe so simple you'll wonder why you've never made it before. It will be the easiest way to introduce the most inexperienced to the world of kombucha.

Probiotic sparkling with ginger and apple kombucha

You can surprisewhoeverwith thismocktailwith Premium Gingerand if you want it a little smoother, try making it with the Casual version, in a can or glass, of Mūn Ginger and Lemon Kombucha.

Moscow Mule: the classic with ginger kombucha

Until you try thisversion of the classic Moscow Muleyou won't be a ginger kombucha expert. This cocktail is one of the best known in the world of cocktails and, according to what they say, it was Sofia Loren herself who popularized it in Europe. With kombucha you achieve an incredible flavor. Served in acopper mug, like ours, reaches its best version. Warning: it is for special occasions.