How and when to drink kombucha?

Kombucha, what is it for? How do I incorporate kombucha into my daily life? How much can I take to notice its effects? When to drink kombucha ? What time is the most appropriate? You have heard a lot about kombucha, about the healthy benefits of this fermented tea with ancient origins, but you have some doubts that you need to clear up before starting to consume it. We hope you find these guidelines useful:

When is it best to drink kombucha?

First of all, you should keep in mind that Mūn Kombucha is not a medicine, nor is it part of any specific therapy. So you may wonder, what is kombucha for? Our kombucha is a drink with a lot of healthy properties. It is probiotic , so your digestive system and your mood will be as happy as they can be if you include it in your daily routine. In addition, it is detoxifying so it never hurts to have a drink. Above all, with the pace we all follow, don't you think?

How much kombucha to drink?

We recommend that, if you have never taken it, you start little by little, with about 100 milliliters a day. Depending on tolerance, increase the dose until you take it a couple or three times a day.

It is difficult for drinking kombucha to cause side effects. At most, you will notice more bowel movement. Normally you will experience a feeling of well-being.

Does kombucha contain caffeine and alcohol?

Being a fermented tea, kombucha does contain a little caffeine , exactly about six times less caffeine than a cup of coffee, so if you are especially sensitive to caffeine, we recommend not drinking kombucha towards sunset, since It could affect your sleep.

Kombucha has less than one degree of alcohol. It is such a low amount that it is not considered an alcoholic beverage, but it should be taken into account for people who are especially sensitive to alcohol or if you are going to offer it to a child.

When should you not drink kombucha?

For some people with specific health circumstances, such as those who suffer from bacterial overgrowth ( SIBO ), consuming kombucha is inadvisable. We advise you to solve this problem to be able to introduce fermented tea into your diet.

In other cases, such as diabetes, candida or other pathologies, we refer the decision about consuming kombucha to your health specialist.

Some ideas on when to drink kombucha

Now that you have more information about what kombucha is for, do you need ideas on when to include kombucha in your daily life? Here are a few:

  1. Take it on an empty stomach . That's when you'll take full advantage of its probiotic and detoxifying properties.
  2. Recover with a glass of kombucha after training. You will provide minerals, vitamins and enzymes, as well as organic acids that will go a long way to rehydrate and remineralize you.
  3. Replace your mid-morning coffee with a kombucha and feel how your energy and good vibes benefit.
  4. Before any meal , it will whet your appetite and prepare your intestines to have a digestion of 10 thanks to its enzymes and organic acids .
  5. During the meal , sharing your favorite dishes. You will improve your digestion and make your agapes more fun with its soft bubbles and incredible flavors (we have 10 varieties and the pairings are practically endless).
  6. Heavy food? Kombucha to finish and the problems were over.
  7. Are you hungover? Try drinking a glass of kombucha and facilitate the detoxification work of the liver and, with it, that of your body. It will help you for sure!
  8. In the middle of the afternoon to avoid the caffeine in that coffee you're used to or the sugar in that soft drink you use to kill hunger.
  9. To end the day, instead of a drink with alcohol . Serve it in your favorite glass or glass and tell us.
  10. Cook with kombucha : Add a splash of kombucha to your favorite dishes, as if it were wine. It will give it a fabulous flavor and will continue to maintain the properties that organic acids give it.

The possibilities for when to drink kombucha are practically endless. The summary is: Drink a kombucha when you see what suits you best and make it a habit.