Gin Kombucha


Gin Kombucha Ingredients 60 ml gin 15 ml sugar syrup 1 cucumber Verbena Kombucha This cocktail is a healthy version on the classic gin tonic. El Papashaker

Gin Kombucha2022-10-28T07:43:34+01:00

Kombucha Mule


Kombucha Mule Ingredients 30 ml vodka apple jam 2 tablespoons cinnamon Ginger Kombucha serve in a copper cup Here comes the Kombucha Mule, the Papashaker's interpretation of the classic Moscow Mule and for a fantastic presentation, serve it in 100% copper cups. El Papashaker

Kombucha Mule2022-10-28T07:53:23+01:00

Special Cocktail with Kombucha


Special Cocktail with kombucha Ingredients 1 bottle Mun Premium Kombucha Hibiscus organic orange skin 20 raisins 10 cardamom seeds 5 star anise 2 cloves coconut sugar or panela for edge of the cups thin slices of orange Preparation Sweeten, if desired, with coconut or date syrup Sprigs of rosemary. Mix [...]

Special Cocktail with Kombucha2022-10-30T12:05:12+01:00

Kombitter with Kombucha


Kombitter with Kombucha Ingredients 30 ml campari 30 ml black vermouth 1 orange Flowers Kombucha Glassware: whisky glass Kombitter is the union of two words: kombucha and bitter. Nothing better to describe this healthy cocktail that is a reinterpretation of the classic Negroni. El Papashaker

Kombitter with Kombucha2022-10-28T08:03:17+01:00

Probiotic Sparkling Apple with Kombucha


Probiotic Sparkling Apple with Kombucha Ingredients 1 cup organic chamomile infusion 1.5 – 2 cups Kombucha 1 red apple bio chopped 1 green apple bio chopped half lemon juice 2 thimbles of unpeeled organic ginger 2 ice cubes Preparation Sweeten, if desired, with coconut or date syrup Sprigs of rosemary [...]

Probiotic Sparkling Apple with Kombucha2022-10-29T06:07:36+01:00

Smoothie Orange with Kombucha


Smoothie Orange with Kombucha Ingredients 1 peeled orange 1/2 cup cold Kombucha Flowers 1 teaspoon cinnamon powder 1 tablespoon chia seeds 1 slice of ginger 1 small slice of fresh turmeric Ingredients Toppings cocoa nibs cinnamon powder Preparation Beat all ingredients until you get a fine texture. Serve with toppings. [...]

Smoothie Orange with Kombucha2022-10-29T15:45:44+01:00

Red and Green Mocktail with Kombucha


Red and Green Mocktail with Kombucha Ingredients watermelon strawberries beet Kombucha Hibiscus fresh mint Preparation Liquefy the watermelon, strawberries and beet. Mix them it with the cold Kombucha. Decorate the glass with some fresh mint. Healthy and refreshing! Vèlia Bach

Red and Green Mocktail with Kombucha2022-10-29T16:34:15+01:00

Probiotic Lemonade with Kombucha


Probiotic Lemonade with Kombucha Ingredients Kombucha Ginger the juice of two lemons agave syrup or sugar coconut fresh mint and hibiscus flower for decoration Preparation Squeeze the juice of two lemons and add to the well cold Kombutxa. Mix well and put some coconut sugar or agave syrup, if you [...]

Probiotic Lemonade with Kombucha2022-10-29T15:21:14+01:00

Kombucha Mojitos


Kombucha Mojitos Ingredients Kombutxa Hibiscus pure pomegranate juice coconut sugar fresh mint crushed ice dry hibiscus Preparation Just mix and serve quickly to surprise you and enjoy it. Health Studio BCN

Kombucha Mojitos2022-10-29T15:05:21+01:00

Red Truffles with Kombucha


Red Truffles with Kombucha Ingredients ½ cup Kombucha Hibiscus 160 g peeled raw beet 80 g shredded coconut 1 tablespoon cinnamon powder 2 dates a pinch of salt zest of the skin of 3 lemons zest of the skin of a big orange 360 g almond flour ½ cup chopped [...]

Red Truffles with Kombucha2022-10-29T16:04:24+01:00
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