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Vegan Yogurt with Mango and Kombucha

Vegan Yogurt with Mango and Kombucha

Ingredients1/2 cup almonds, cashew nut or macadamia nuts (previously soaked)1, 5 cup (450 gr) coconut young green1/3 cup fermented tea Kombucha to taste1/2 cups water from the same Young coconut2 ...

engVegan Yogurt with Coconut and Kombucha

Vegan Yogurt with Coconut and Kombucha

Ingredients1 cup soaked cashew nuts (minimum 5 hours)1/2 cup Kombucha2 or 3 medium dates5 or 6 strawberriesvanilla droplets1/2 cup young coconut meat1/2 cup water from the young coconut Preparatio...

engProbiotic Gazpacho with Kombucha

Probiotic Gazpacho with Kombucha

Ingredients500 g organic tomato1 beet1 quart fresh chive4 ice cubessalt to taste6 tablespoon oil3 tablespoon Kombutxa Green1 little fresh basil PreparationBeat and ready. Decorate it with oil and...

engFermented Basil Vegan Cheese with Kombucha

Fermented Basil Vegan Cheese with Kombucha

Ingredients1 cup Kombucha Green1 cup unskind raw almonds, hydrated all night1 cup cashew nuts also hydrated20 g fresh basil leaves½ lemon juice½ slice a large garlic or a small garlic1 dessert spo...

engMandala Bowl with Kombucha

Mandala Bowl with Kombucha

Ingredientschia puddingoatsKombuchaa touch of cinnamon This magnificent Mandala bowl of #chiapudding and oats with prebiotic properties and probiotic. Thanks to the wonderful Kombucha, with a touc...

engSpicy Carrots with Probiotic Coconut Sauce

Spicy Carrots with Probiotic Coconut Sauce

Ingredients1 bunch of carrotsolive oil1 can of coconut1 cup Ginger Kombucha250 g cashews, hydrated during one hour1 slice of ginger1 tablespoon sea saltone lime juicezest of lime1 large handful fre...

engSponge Cake with kombucha

Sponge Cake with kombucha

Ingredients120 g toasted hazelnuts120 g raw almond4 large eggs100 g roasted sweet potato80 g coconut oil or grass butter1 ripe banana4 medjool dates4 dried figs, If you like to find the nuggetsbaki...