Since 2015
100% pure, real, authentic,
The most genuine taste

Every shot of our Mūn Premium Kombutxa will transport you back in time and make you feel in glory. The potency of a drink absolutely alive in every bottle. The best and purest ingredients make the most authentic kombucha on the market.
With Lung Ching green tea, one of the most appreciated teas by experts and one of the most organic teas grown in the world. With a slow fermentation until 30 days, with extreme care during the whole process. With the lowest residual sugar, up to 18 times less than its competitors.
Give the boost you need in your daily life with Kombutxa. Whether it’s the first time you try it, or if kombucha has long been part of your daily life, let yourself be seduced by its 6 innovative and unique varieties.


No additives other than green tea, cane sugar and the mother or SCOBY that carries out fermentation process.
The ideal version for beginners in the exciting world of of kombucha.


The spark of energy you were looking for.
With the power of ginger juice and the smoothness of apple juice squeezed cold so as not to lose any of its benefits. Spicy and daring, Ginger is one of your
favorites. A ying-yang combination that leaves no one indifferent.


It fits as closely as possible to the definition of the elixir of youth, which has been attributed to kombucha for 2,000 years. Pomegranate juice
and hibiscus infusion have a high antioxidant power. Anthocyanins, polyphenols, organic acids, tannins, vitamins, minerals, citric and ascorbic acid: vade retro oxidation!


The sweetest and friendliest version of our Premium Kombutxa. A combination diuretic and antioxidant with a very special sweet touch.
Grape and elderflower have long understood each other and make an almost perfect match that is infinitely captivating.


Cold-squeezed basil juice and premium matcha tea.
Could you imagine a more disruptively original and delicious combination? A very very green combination that will make your immune system immensely happy. You just have to look for the right glass and the ideal moment to enjoy it.


The most direct taste path to summer. Your taste buds will jump when they taste the combination of cucumber juice and lemon verbena infusion. The
most brazen and refreshing version of Premium Kombutxa. You never thought such a daring combination could captivate you so much.