Where to buy kombucha in Barcelona, in stores, supermarkets, and also online!

Where to buy kombucha in Barcelona, in stores, supermarkets, and also online!

If you live in Barcelona, or are passing through, we tell you all the points where you can buy kombucha. Mun Kombucha is increasingly present in more stores, supermarkets and restaurants. And if you want to buy from home and receive it within 24 hours, you can comfortably make a purchase from our online store.

Are you living in Barcelona? Maybe you are going to Barcelona every day for work or to study. Would you like to know where to find the best kombucha, Mun Kombucha by Mūn Ferments in Barcelona? Well, we have made a compilation of the retailers where you can buy the best kombucha in the market in Barcelona. We are sure that one of them will be close to you.

Our distribution network grows daily. If you want to be able to buy Mun Kombucha in your trusted store, we encourage you to ask for it wherever you go. In addition to having your reference space, you will become a true ambassador of our brand and we will greatly appreciate it.

Restaurants where to drink kombucha

The GreenVita restaurants offers super healthy menu options for all tastes and needs, are fans of our Mun Premium Kombutxa. In their restaurants, they currently have 8 locations, you can accompany their healthy proposals with a bottle of Kombutxa.

Supermarkets where to buy kombucha in Barcelona

Veritas supermarkets sell our fermented tea. You will find establishments of this real and healthy food chain in practically all the big towns. In Barcelona, you will find Mun Kombucha in the Veritas supermarkets on Via Laietana, 28; Córsega, 302; Torrent de l'Olla 59 y 200; Gran Via, 539; Gran de Sant Andreu, 122; Doctor Dou, 17; Gran Via Carles III, 55; Casanova, 142; Pau Alsina, 37-39; Centre Comercial Arenas; del Mestre Nicolau, 19; passeig Sant Joan, 144; Marià Aguiló, 104-106; Centre Comercial Glòries; Passeig Senillosa, 3; Centre Comercial La Maquinista; Avinguda Mare de Déu Montserrat, 19 and Marià Cubí, 7.

The Molsa cooperative, with 17 associated stores, also has our fermented tea in different formats. They have a wide network of associates in Barcelona so, most likely, you have one nearby. Specifically, you can find Mun Kombucha at: Padilla, 264; Sant Jordi, 7 bis; Ramon y Cajal, 42, Avinguda Madrid, 128; Bailen, 149; Pi i Margall, 39; Garcilaso, 191; Plaça Sant Josep Oriol, 1 and Ronda Sant Pau, 49.

Buy kombucha from home, receive it in 24 hours and with a 10% discount

Buying kombucha in Barcelona has never been so easy. You can place an order on our website to comfortably receive your favorite Premium Kombutxa at home, in the office or wherever it suits you best, do not hesitate to consult our online store. We have more than 30 different lots that, we are convinced, will adapt to your tastes. Choose from our 9 varieties: Ginger, Hibiscus, Green, Verbena, Flowers, Natural, Paleobirra, Paleobirra Lemon and Isotonic in two sizes (250 and 750 milliliters). Place your order and include the BARCELONA10 coupon to get a 10% discount.

In addition to this bonus, and to reward your loyalty, you should know that with each purchase you make on our website, you accumulate a 10% discount that you can use, once you have accumulated 10 euros.

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