Vegan Petit-suisse with kombucha

Petitsuís vegano con kombutxaIngredients
1 cup cashews soaked a minimum 4 hours
1/2 cup kombucha
1 or 2 dates
5 organic strawberries
pinch of vanilla

Remove the soaking water from the cashew nuts and add them to the Blender cup with the Kombucha.
Mix until a thin, lump-free texture is obtained. Allow to ferment the resulting mixture lasts 8 or 12 hours, depending on the heat, covering with a cloth. Leave it in the warmest place in the house. Once fermented, try again to beat by adding the dates, strawberries and vanilla. You’re ready to eat! You can go with muesli, granola, jam… What you want!

Lucía GómezLucía Gómez

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