Fermented Basil Vegan Cheese with Kombucha

Queso de Albahaca FermentadoIngredients
1 cup Kombucha Green
1 cup unskind raw almonds, hydrated all night
1 cup cashew nuts also hydrated
20 g fresh basil leaves
½ lemon juice
½ slice a large garlic or a small garlic
1 dessert spoon of sea salt

Remove the water from soaking, rinse and reserve. Beat the nuts with the Kombucha and the rest of the ingredients except the basil until you get a fine texture and creaminess. Add the fresh basil leaves and whisk a little to make small pieces. Reserve in a covered bowl and leave to ferment 24-48 hours inside a cupboard. Is keeps very well in a glass jar and in the fridge. The more days that pass, the more fermentation is generated.

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Cristina Manyer

Cristina Manyer

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