Interpreting classics in a healthy way
Sugar-free, alcohol-free, grain-free
Combinations that contribute

It is possible to disconnect and enjoy an absolutely natural, gluten-free, sugar-free and alcohol-free beverage. NoLo Kombucha is our super-healthy interpretation of classic drinks and alcoholic mixers. It was a challenge to achieve it and we have made it possible based on research and a lot of imagination: only with absolutely natural ingredients and, all of them, with organic certification.
Bet on NoLo and enjoy daily flavors that transport you without moving an inch to that beach, to peace and tranquility, to that happy event, to that time sharing with friends, to that chat with laughter.


You don’t want, can’t or don’t feel like drinking alcohol but you’re craving a beer. Well, the healthier version is called Paleobirra and it smells, tastes and looks like beer.
Our non-beer. Infused with fresh hops, which relaxes, releases muscle tension, reduces anxiety…
No alcohol, no sugar, no cereal.
Seriously, you have to try it.


Our healthy version of a radler, the classic beer with lemonade that will take you to the beach or the pool from the first sip.
With the base of our now classic Paleobirra and the citric touch of lemon juice and lemongrass.


Nojito does not abandon the flavor of the classic Cuban combination that has acquired worldwide fame. It leaves out the alcohol that this cocktail contains.
The freshness remains intact and the taste will leave you speechless. With all the benefits of the kombucha that serves as a base, with a tiny amount of residual sugar and without gluten or alcohol.