Ideal complement to your healthy dishes
Perfect substitute for all sparkling beverages
Incredible taste and unbeatable image

At your table, health always comes first. It will be easier to achieve it with Mūn Kombucha Horeca. You will add a lot of healthy properties to your dishes, which will also be much easier to digest. The foodservice version of our kombucha is fun, as well as impressive and incredible.
Replace soft drinks and low alcoholic beverages with our format for restaurants and cafeterias. Its smooth natural bubbles and totally innovative taste will become a must every time you eat out.


For fans of powerful flavors. Slightly sour and sweet at the same time. The fresh, cold-squeezed ginger juice and lemon juice make it ideal to complement a multitude of gastronomic creations. There are no limits because no one can set limits for Mūn Kombucha Fresh Ginger.


Any lovers of red fruits in all its possible versions?
Well, take note because the ideal sparkling drink to accompany the healthiest dishes is called Mūn Kombucha Superberries.
Refreshing, surprising and absolutely rounded.