Unpasteurized, natural and organic
The healthiest soft drink
For everyone, every day

What about making kombucha your new soft drink?
I am sure you will be on board when you know that you will add a lot of healthy benefits to your life if you add it to your routine. You will not be able to stop drinking it once you try it.
Its incredible taste, its soft bubbles, its refreshing power, and above all, the good vibes it brings will get you hooked.
Single or combined to create great cocktails, Mūn Kombucha Casual will be your new drink. Find it in your supermarket in 4 amazing flavors.
All of them with first quality ingredients, absolutely natural and with organic certificate.


The Original version is the most authentic, the most faithful to a recipe that is more than 2,000 years old. No additives in secondary fermentation. Just green tea, cane sugar and our beloved SCOBY (good bacteria and yeast). With a soft bubble, with full power.


Tart and delicious. Super refreshing.
The version with lemon juice and ginger cold press will be your faithful friend if you are looking to boost your energy. With a sparkling bubble, it has a loyal fanclub that we know you will count among them.


The Mūn version of turmeric breathes health on all sides Take advantage of the properties of this eminently orange root, which we sprinkle with its sibling, the ginger, and make it one of your favorites.


Juicy and very bold. Almost ruby in color, it has a spectacularly fruity flavor. Antioxidant by definition, it will be your faithful ally on days when you feel like adding a little healthy sweetness to your life.