Mun Kombucha ColLABS


By choosing the best partners, we are committed to launching well thought-out versions of our kombucha. Our know-how joins the proposals that come to us from those who are also committed to health to add up to infinity and beyond.Refreshing, original beverages, where the well-being of the consumer is paramount. No weird ingredients. Easy recipes designed to reach everyone and achieve a better world together. Together, we are going to change food for the better.

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Mun Kombucha Horeca


At your table, health always comes first. It will be easier to achieve it with Mūn Kombucha Horeca. You will add a lot of healthy properties to your dishes, which will also be much easier to digest. The foodservice version of our kombucha is fun, as well as impressive and incredible.Replace soft drinks and low alcoholic beverages with our format for restaurants and cafeterias. Its smooth natural bubbles and totally innovative taste will become a must every time you eat out.

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Mun Kombucha Casual


What about making kombucha your new soft drink?I am sure you will be on board when you know that you will add a lot of healthy benefits to your life if you add it to your routine. You will not be able to stop drinking it once you try it.Its incredible taste, its soft bubbles, its refreshing power, and above all, the good vibes it brings will get you hooked.Single or combined to create great cocktails, Mūn Kombucha Casual will be your new drink. Find it in your supermarket in 4 amazing flavors.All of them with first quality ingredients, absolutely natural and with organic certificate.

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Mun Nolo


Interpreting classics in a healthy way Sugar-free, alcohol-free, grain-free Combinations that contribute It is possible to disconnect and enjoy an absolutely natural, gluten-free, sugar-free and alcohol-free beverage. NoLo Kombucha is our super-healthy interpretation of classic drinks and alcoholic mixers. It was a challenge to [...]

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Mun Functional


Go a step further and bring more to your health with Mūn Functional Kombucha. With ingredients specially selected by experts, such as superfoods or antioxidants, which add a plus to each of the varieties. If you want to add even more to your wellness and are looking for an incredibly delicious alternative to drink every day, Functional is your kombucha.Need to recover more easily from exercise? An extra boost of energy to make your day go smoothly? That drink that relaxes you from the first sip while helping you digest better? 100% natural ingredients, 100% organic. With minimum residual sugar.

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Mun Premium Kombutxa


Every shot of our Mūn Premium Kombutxa will transport you back in time and make you feel in glory. The potency of a drink absolutely alive in every bottle. The best and purest ingredients make the most authentic kombucha on the market.With Lung Ching green tea, one of the most appreciated teas by experts and one of the most organic teas grown in the world. With a slow fermentation up to 30 days, with extreme care during the whole process. With the lowest residual sugar, up to 18 times less than its competitors.Give the boost you need in your daily life with Kombutxa. Whether it's the first time you try it, or if kombucha has long been part of your daily life, let yourself be seduced by its 6 innovative and unique varieties.

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