Mun Ferments is ready for private label kombucha

Welcome to MUN FERMENTS, the leading manufacturer of unpasteurized organic kombucha. Since 2015, we have been producing high-quality kombucha using traditional methods and long fermentation to ensure a unique and authentic taste. Now, we are ready to make private label kombucha.
Kombucha is a fermented tea and sugar-based beverage that has become very popular in recent years as a healthy and sustainable alternative to soda and low-alcohol drinks. With its sweet and sour taste and nutritional properties, kombucha is a choice for those looking to improve their health and lifestyle.

Our manufacturing plant is IFS Food certified and we also have organic certification. With very little residual sugar, our kombucha does not require refrigeration, which reduces CO2 emissions during transport and storage by up to 180 times compared to a kombucha that requires cold throughout its shelf life!

Mun Ferments has significant production capacity, making us the perfect choice for your private label.

We offer glass bottle and BPA-free aluminum can packaging. Our commitment to quality and excellence is reflected in our achievements, including working with three of the largest retailers in Spain since 2019.

We are located in Mataró, just a few kilometers from Barcelona, and we are ready to work with the best brands to create the perfect kombucha.

Live beverage with natural probiotics

At Mun Ferments, we make kombucha from a SCOBY that we have been cultivating and adapting since 2015. We have identified the strains, both for yeasts and bacteria that compose it. These data allow us to guarantee its quality, food safety, and benefits for the drinker.
Our kombuchas contain natural probiotics, which are responsible for transforming the sugar necessary for fermentation into natural organic acids that are responsible for the product’s benefits for consumers.

Private label kombucha with the lowest level of residual sugar due to our traditional fermentation process

One of Mun Ferments’ main priorities is the health of our consumers. For this reason, we have developed an exclusive fermentation process that follows traditional guidelines and lasts up to 30 days. During this period, yeasts and bacteria can process the sugar and convert it into organic acids.
This long fermentation allows the drink to contain a very low level of residual sugar. With these values, it is not necessary to store our kombucha in cold temperatures.

The only reason to store kombucha in cold temperatures is to stop the fermentation process in the presence of yeasts and high amounts of sugar. At Mun Ferments, we prolong the fermentation process so that at the time of bottling, there is only enough sugar for a second fermentation inside the bottle and to give it its characteristic natural bubble.

12 months shelf life

Our kombucha has passed rigorous shelf-life studies, and it currently has a guaranteed shelf life of 12 months. This aspect makes it an ideal candidate for private label and export.

The private label kombucha with the lowest CO2 emissions

The fact that our kombucha does not require refrigeration for storage without being pasteurized results in significant energy savings. This not only represents significant energy savings, but also translates into a reduction in CO2 emissions up to 180 times lower than a kombucha that must be kept refrigerated throughout its shelf life.

The authentic kombucha not made from concentrates

In the industrial process, there are many ways to make kombucha. Among these are the addition of concentrated kombucha or vinegar, in this case, to dilute it. At Mun Ferments, we follow the traditional fermentation process. Our kombuchas do not contain concentrates, vinegar, or artificial flavorings, colorings, or sweeteners. This results in an extremely high-quality kombucha.

Free from

We have the IFS Food certification that guarantees that our kombucha is free from allergens and traces, and that it is also gluten-free.

Production capacity for private label kombucha

The Mun Ferments plant located in Mataró, less than 30 km north of Barcelona and excellently connected to the rest of Spain and Europe, has sufficient production capacity to produce kombucha for private label. In addition, Mun Ferments has experience in private label kombucha development since 2019.

kombucha private label

Mun Ferments is present at the 2023 PLMA in Amsterdam

Mun Ferments is participating in the 2023 edition of the PLMA in Amsterdam, the world’s most important private label and brand trade show. Our entire team is present to strengthen relationships with our customers and reinforce our business partnerships. Attending this event is a unique opportunity to showcase our latest innovations in the food industry and to continue expanding our global presence.

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