jordi dalmau kombuchaJordi Dalmau improved his health by drinking kombucha and created MUN KOMBUCHA in 2015 to contribute to your well-being.

Jordi was diagnosed with Gilbert’s Syndrome when he was 13 years old. This ailment, which does not cause serious health problems, does cause discomfort such as tiredness, headaches or contractures. The origin of these lies in the difficulty of liver detoxification caused by the syndrome. With the discovery of kombucha, Jordi found a solution to a symptomatology that he had been dragging on for years. “It was like freeing myself from one day to the next from a huge, heavy backpack.”

In this way, an engineer by profession, he decided to set aside calculations and plans to dedicate himself to the world of bacteria and yeasts. With his wife, Mercè Pérez, a journalist, he decided to create the first kombucha workshop that would make this fermented tea from ancient origins using only top quality, absolutely natural and certified organic ingredients. Their priority: to make the most delicious but also the healthiest kombucha. Everyone had to experience the benefits of their consumption!

In 2015, the first glass-packaged kombucha came on the market, which, despite not being pasteurized, did not need cold for preservation. The reason? The minimum residual sugar that is produced, with a process faithful to the traditional recipe created in ancient China 2,000 years ago.

Loooooooong fermentation

kombucha larga fermentaciónLike everything in life, the trick is to not be in a hurry. Without electricity or refrigerators, what the first to make kombucha did have was time. And we fully followed the instructions. We leave our SCOBYs long enough, with the necessary calm, to do their jobs. The more time yeasts and bacteria spend, the less sugar ends up remaining in the initial recipe and the more microbial diversity and more organic acids emerge.

The most important thing is that by giving enough time to fermentation, we ensure that our kombucha contains little sugar and that it is completely stable at room temperature, without the need for cold to stop possible fermentation.


The kombucha made by Mūn closely follows the traditional recipe that originated in China about 2,000 years ago. If this fermented tea has survived so long, it will be because its initial preparation was perfect. So why change it?

kombucha sin pasteurizar

Back then, the pasteurization process did not exist. And, of course, there was no electricity or refrigerators either. There was one ingredient that did exist and that we are now a little bit fair about: time, patience. With this, it was possible to ensure that the drink contained the minimum residual sugar. Does it sound familiar to you? With hardly any sugar, despite not being pasteurized, the drink cannot evolve.

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Mun Kombucha doesn’t need to be stored on the fridge

If 2,000 years ago, people in Asia were already drinking kombucha and, at that time, electricity was not invented nor was it known what a refrigerator was, why change things? At Mūn we are committed to being faithful to this ancestral way of doing things where time is crucial: time for a calm preparation, time for a leisurely fermentation. In this way, the sugar that we initially add to the tea infusion is consumed almost entirely by the bacteria and yeasts that work at the same time to ferment the drink and turn it into kombucha.

kombucha sostenibleAlready in the bottle, without sugar to continue the process, Mūn Kombucha does not need to be cold stabilized. In this way, our kombucha will not only not take up your refrigerator – which you can fill with real, fresh foods – but you will also contribute to not emitting CO₂ into the atmosphere: 180 times less than if you had bought a refrigerated kombucha.

Low sugar content

kombucha sin azúcarMūn Kombucha is the fermented tea with the least residual sugar on the market. Our varieties range between 0.1 and 1.8 grams of sugar per 100 milliliters, up to 18 times less than other kombuchas. These great values, which imply a very low calorie content in all our flavors, are achieved through our exclusive production process, faithful to the original recipe from more than 2,000 years ago. With this minimal sugar, our kombuchas do not need to be stored in the refrigerator or transported cold.

An unpasteurized kombucha that does not require refrigeration for preservation or transportation? Yes, it exists and its name is Mūn. We have achieved this thanks to our exclusive production system, based on the ancestral method that emerged in Asia 2,000 years ago. At that time, as you can imagine, there was no electricity or refrigerators so the drink was made and stored at room temperature. We therefore replicated those parameters that are based on the fermentation time and we have achieved a kombucha with the minimum residual sugar on the market.

kombucha elixir eterna juventud

The drink that we now know as kombucha fell in love with the gentry of that time, who saw that its consumption optimized their lives: not only did their digestion improve but they also had more energy. It was then when its fame began and also then when, due to its properties, it received the nickname elixir of life and eternal youth.

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