probiotic foods
probiotic foods
  • 18 probiotic foods you should eat

    Many people would probably gain in quality of life by increasing their intake of probiotics. So says nutrition professor Allan Walker.

  • 5 natural probiotic foods you can make at home from scratch

    Would you like to eat more natural probiotics? Now you have no excuse! We will tell you how to make 5 natural probiotic foods at home.

  • Where to buy kombucha in Barcelona, in stores, supermarkets, and also online!

    If you live in Barcelona, or are passing through, we tell you all the points where you can buy kombucha. Mun Kombucha is increasingly present in more stores, supermarkets and restaurants. And if you want to buy from home and receive it within 24 hours, you can comfortably make a purchase from our online store.

  • The 7 ways that kombucha can help you lose weight

    Drinking kombucha daily can help you lose weight. You just have to follow one rule: drink it whenever you feel like it.

  • 10 tricks to take care of your intestinal microbiota

    Microbiota, intestinal flora, probiotics, prebiotics... they are all essential for your overall health!

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